Appendix A. Dblatex XSL Parameter Reference

Table of Contents

figure.caution — Figure to use to render a caution block.
figure.important — Figure to use to render a important block
figure.note — Figure to use to render a note block
figure.tip — Figure to use to render a tip block
figure.warning — Figure to use to render a warning block
Callouts — Hot links callout items — Callout list style to apply
callout.markup.circled — Use black circles for numbering the callout items? — Show the references to calloutlist items next to the markup
imageobjectco.hide — Hide the callout markups on the image
ToC/LoT/Index Generation — Specifies the Lists of Titles to display — Print the Table Of Contents — Should titleabbrev be put in the TOC instead of title?
toc.section.depth — How deep should recursive sections appear in the TOC?
bibliography.tocdepth — How bibliography section and subsections appear in TOC
colophon.tocdepth — How colophon section and subsections appear in TOC
dedication.tocdepth — How dedication section and subsections appear in TOC
preface.tocdepth — How preface section and subsections appear in TOC
glossary.tocdepth — How glossary section and subsections appear in TOC
index.tocdepth — How index section and subsections appear in TOC
latex.index.tool — Define the tool to use to build an index
latex.index.language — Force the language to use for index sorting
refentry.tocdepth — How refentry section and subsections appear in TOC
Processor Extensions
alt.use — Always use alt to display equations — TeX notation used for equations
Automatic labelling
bibliography.numbered — Should bibliography headings be numbered?
glossary.numbered — Should glossary headings be numbered?
index.numbered — Should index headings be numbered?
refentry.numbered — Should refentry headings be numbered?
Meta/*Info — Set the PDF metadata Creator field
make.single.year.ranges — Print single-year ranges (e.g., 1998-1999)
make.year.ranges — Collate copyright years into ranges?
Reference Pages
funcsynopsis.decoration — Decorate elements of a funcsynopsis? — What style of funcsynopsis should be generated?
function.parens — Generate parens after a function?
refclass.suppress — Suppress display of refclass contents? — Output NAME header before refnames?
refentry.xref.manvolnum — Output manvolnum as part of refentry cross-reference?
newtbl.autowidth — Table column widths sized by latex
newtbl.bgcolor.thead — Background color of the thead rows
newtbl.default.colsep — By default draw a vertical line between columns
newtbl.default.rowsep — By default draw a horizontal line between rows
newtbl.format.tbody — LaTeX formatting for body table cells
newtbl.format.tfoot — LaTeX formatting for foot table cells
newtbl.format.thead — LaTeX formatting for head table cells
newtbl.use.hhline — Draw the horizontal lines with the hhline package
table.continue.caption — Caption text for continued table titles
table.default.position — Default table float placement policy
table.default.tabstyle — Default table style to apply — Use or emulate a float to display a formal table? — Title on top of the table float
default.table.rules — The default column and row rules for tables using HTML markup
default.table.width — The default width of tables
latex.hyperparam — Options/parameters passed to hyperref
Olink Parameters — Parameters to configure Olinks
Cross References — Turns page numbers in xrefs on and off — Turns page numbers in xrefs to paragraphs on and off
xref.hypermarkup — Wrap the entire the xref markups with an hyperlink?
term.breakline — Put the term description on the next line?
variablelist.term.separator — Text to separate terms within a multi-term varlistentry
qanda.defaultlabel — Sets the default for defaultlabel on QandASet.
biblioentry.item.separator — Text to separate bibliography entries
biblioentry.numbered — Should biblioentry item labels be numbered? — Default natbib citation style to apply
citation.natbib.options — Specifies the natbib package options
citation.natbib.use — Use natbib to display citations
latex.bibfiles — Defines the default BibTeX database to use
latex.biblio.output — Defines how the BibTeX bibliographic entries are printed out — Default BibTeX style to apply
latex.bibwidelabel — Template of the widest bibliography label
Glossary — Generate links from glossterm to glossentry automatically?
Miscellaneous — Enable the annotation support — Force a page break when set to 1. Otherwise beginpage does nothing.
doc.section.depth — Depth of the section numbering
endnotes.heading.command — LaTeX command of the endnotes headings
endnotes.heading.groups — Display the endnotes by groups — Style of the heading of endnotes groups — Properties of the latex package endnotes setup
equation.default.position — Default equation float placement to apply
example.default.position — Default example float placement to apply
example.float.type — Select the type of float for example elements — Cross reference anchor on top of the figure float
figure.default.position — Figure float placement policy — Title on top of the figure float — Hyphenate a filename like if is was an URL — Use footnotes as endnotes
hyphenation.format — Predefined formats to hyphenate
linenumbering.scope — Templates on which the global linenumbering setup applies
linenumbering.default — Default linenumbering setup for literal environments
linenumbering.everyNth — Indicate which lines should be numbered
literal.layout.options — Override the options passed to the listing package
literal.lines.showall — Show the last empty lines in the literal environments?
literal.width.ignore — Ignore the literal environment width attribute
literal.class — Default class to apply to literallayout blocks
literal.role — Default role to apply to verbatim blocks
literal.environment — Latex environment used to format verbatim blocks
literal.extensions — Enable extended verbatim features — Font style of the mediaobject caption text
monoseq.hyphenation — Specifies one of the supported monoseq hyphenation policy
monoseq.small — Use a smaller font to render monoseq portions of text
pdf.annot.options — PDF text annotations rendering options — Format segmented lists as tables?
seg.item.separator — Separator to use between several segs
show.comments — Display remark elements?
texlive.version — Version of the installed Tex Live Distribution
ulink.footnotes — Generate footnotes for ulinks? — Display URLs after ulinks?
xref.with.number.and.title — Use number and title in cross references
imagedata.boxed — Put the images into a framed box
imagedata.default.scale — Specifies the default image scaling properties
imagedata.file.check — Make the latex compilation robust to missing images
keep.relative.image.uris — Should image URIs be resolved against xml:base?
Chuncking — Select a single book or all the books to compile from a set — Use ID value of chunk elements as the filename?
Pagination and General Styles
page.height — The height of the physical page
page.margin.bottom — The bottom margin of the page
page.margin.inner — The inner page margin
page.margin.outer — The outer page margin — The top margin of the page
page.width — The width of the physical page
paper.type — Select the paper type
geometry.options — Raw options to pass to the geometry package
doc.alignment — Specifies the text alignement of the document — Print the document collaborators (authors, etc.) in a table
doc.layout — Specifies the overall document layout. — Print the dblatex logo on the cover page?
draft.mode — Select draft mode
draft.watermark — Print a Watermak on each page in draft mode?
latex.engine.options — Extra arguments to pass to the TeX engine
latex.class.article — LaTeX document class to use for article documents — LaTeX document class to use for book documents
latex.class.options — Options passed to the \documentclass command
latex.encoding — Encoding of the latex document to produce
latex.unicode.use — Use passivetex unicode support?
latex.output.revhistory — Print the revhistory table?
Font Families — The default font family for body text
cjk.font — Fonts to use in CJK environments — The default font family for monospace environments — The default sans-serif font family
xetex.font — Specifies the fonts that XeTeX must use
korean.package — Package included when Korean language is used
latex.babel.language — Force the loaded babel language
latex.babel.use — Disable the use of babel, whatever the document language is
crop.marks — Output crop marks?
crop.paper.type — Select the paper type for paper with crops — The width of the physical crop page — The height of the physical crop page
crop.mode — How to display crops
crop.options — Raw options passed to the crop package

This is reference documentation for all user-configurable parameters in the dblatex XSL stylesheets.

The organization of the reference entries mimics the FO Parameter Reference for people familiar with the DocBook Project documentation.


figure.caution — Figure to use to render a caution block.
figure.important — Figure to use to render a important block
figure.note — Figure to use to render a note block
figure.tip — Figure to use to render a tip block
figure.warning — Figure to use to render a warning block