imagedata.default.scale — Specifies the default image scaling properties


      <xsl:param name="imagedata.default.scale">pagebound</xsl:param>


Default scale to apply to every imagedata that does not contain any scaling attribute.

By default this parameter is set to `pagebound` so that the included images keep their natural size up to the page boundaries.

Two other special parameters are available: 'maxwidth=width' and 'maxheight=height' where width and height define the maximum image dimensions, i.e. the image keeps its natural size up to the specified maximum dimension. Both 'maxwidth' and 'maxheight' settings can be combined in a comma separated list.


dblatex -P imagedata.default.scale=maxwidth=10cm,maxheight=8cm file.xml

Except these special reserved values, the expected value of the parameter must be some valid options passed to the \includegraphics command.