Pagination and General Styles

page.height — The height of the physical page
page.margin.bottom — The bottom margin of the page
page.margin.inner — The inner page margin
page.margin.outer — The outer page margin — The top margin of the page
page.width — The width of the physical page
paper.type — Select the paper type
geometry.options — Raw options to pass to the geometry package
doc.alignment — Specifies the text alignement of the document — Print the document collaborators (authors, etc.) in a table
doc.layout — Specifies the overall document layout. — Print the dblatex logo on the cover page?
draft.mode — Select draft mode
draft.watermark — Print a Watermak on each page in draft mode?
latex.engine.options — Extra arguments to pass to the TeX engine
latex.class.article — LaTeX document class to use for article documents — LaTeX document class to use for book documents
latex.class.options — Options passed to the \documentclass command
latex.encoding — Encoding of the latex document to produce
latex.unicode.use — Use passivetex unicode support?
latex.output.revhistory — Print the revhistory table?