annotation.support — Enable the annotation support
beginpage.as.pagebreak — Force a page break when set to 1. Otherwise beginpage does nothing.
doc.section.depth — Depth of the section numbering
endnotes.heading.command — LaTeX command of the endnotes headings
endnotes.heading.groups — Display the endnotes by groups
endnotes.heading.style — Style of the heading of endnotes groups
endnotes.properties — Properties of the latex package endnotes setup
equation.default.position — Default equation float placement to apply
example.default.position — Default example float placement to apply
example.float.type — Select the type of float for example elements
figure.anchor.top — Cross reference anchor on top of the figure float
figure.default.position — Figure float placement policy
figure.title.top — Title on top of the figure float
filename.as.url — Hyphenate a filename like if is was an URL
footnote.as.endnote — Use footnotes as endnotes
hyphenation.format — Predefined formats to hyphenate
linenumbering.scope — Templates on which the global linenumbering setup applies
linenumbering.default — Default linenumbering setup for literal environments
linenumbering.everyNth — Indicate which lines should be numbered
literal.layout.options — Override the options passed to the listing package
literal.lines.showall — Show the last empty lines in the literal environments?
literal.width.ignore — Ignore the literal environment width attribute
literal.class — Default class to apply to literallayout blocks
literal.role — Default role to apply to verbatim blocks
literal.environment — Latex environment used to format verbatim blocks
literal.extensions — Enable extended verbatim features
mediaobject.caption.style — Font style of the mediaobject caption text
monoseq.hyphenation — Specifies one of the supported monoseq hyphenation policy
monoseq.small — Use a smaller font to render monoseq portions of text
pdf.annot.options — PDF text annotations rendering options
segmentedlist.as.table — Format segmented lists as tables?
seg.item.separator — Separator to use between several segs
show.comments — Display remark elements?
texlive.version — Version of the installed Tex Live Distribution
ulink.footnotes — Generate footnotes for ulinks?
ulink.show — Display URLs after ulinks?
xref.with.number.and.title — Use number and title in cross references