newtbl.autowidth — Table column widths sized by latex
newtbl.bgcolor.thead — Background color of the thead rows
newtbl.default.colsep — By default draw a vertical line between columns
newtbl.default.rowsep — By default draw a horizontal line between rows
newtbl.format.tbody — LaTeX formatting for body table cells
newtbl.format.tfoot — LaTeX formatting for foot table cells
newtbl.format.thead — LaTeX formatting for head table cells
newtbl.use.hhline — Draw the horizontal lines with the hhline package
table.continue.caption — Caption text for continued table titles
table.default.position — Default table float placement policy
table.default.tabstyle — Default table style to apply — Use or emulate a float to display a formal table? — Title on top of the table float
default.table.rules — The default column and row rules for tables using HTML markup
default.table.width — The default width of tables