dblatex colwidth

<?dblatex colwidth?> — Specifies a column width for segmentedlists presented as tables


<?dblatex colwidth="3cm" ?>


Specifies a column width for the columns of a segmentedlist when presented as a table. (See segmentedlist.as.table.) This is the width of the cell content and does not include inter-cell spacing.

The colwidth attribute may take any of the colspec's colwidth attribute's values. These are:

  • A valid TeX length (e.g. 4cm).

  • A proportional width specification of the form N*, where Nis a positive integer.

  • A combination of the above (e.g. 3*+1cm). Spaces are not allowed.

  • Any of the keywords allowed the default.table.width parameter: autowidth.default, autowidth.all, and autowidth.none. The first two, autowidth.default and autowidth.none, have the same meaning -- LaTeX determines the width of the column based on the width of the widest cell value. autowidth.none means the same as *, proportional spacing.

The <?dblatex colwidth?> processing instruction supersedes any column width specified by the default.table.width parameter or dblatex table-width processing instruction.

The default depends on whether the overall table width is specified. When there is no fixed table width columns default to the LaTeX default, the width of the widest cell. This is the default when no parameters or processing instructions are used. When a fixed table width is specified the default is *, proportional spacing.


Recognized in the segtitle element.

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