dblatex autowidth

<?dblatex autowidth?> — Column sizing by LaTeX in segmentedlist tables


<?dblatex autowidth="all" ?>


Defines, when segmentedlists are presented in tabular form, whether the column widths are automatically sized by latex. The allowed values are:


The automatic width (that is, latex is in charge to size the column width) is applied only to columns not having a specified colspec colwidth. It includes both undefined colspec, and colspec without the colwidth attribute.


the automatic width is applied to any column, whether a colspec is provided or not.

In addition to these keywords, autowidth can also take for its value keywords of the form column: N ..., where N is the number of the column (counting from 1) which is to have its width automatically sized. Columns with numbers not referenced, and not otherwise sized, will all have widths equally apportioned from available space.

The values all and default have identical effect in the tabular presentation of segmentedlists. (segmentedlist elements have no colwidth attribute.)

The <?dblatex autowidth?> processing instruction supersedes column width sizing specified by the default.table.width parameter or dblatex table-width processing instruction.

The default depends on whether the overall table width is specified. When there is no fixed table width columns default to the LaTeX default, the width of the widest cell. This is the default when no parameters or processing instructions are used. When a fixed table width is specified the default is *, proportional spacing.


Recognized in the segmentedlist element.

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