dblatex table-width

<?dblatex table-width?> — Control the Automatic Width of a Table


<?dblatex table-width="12cm" ?>


Set the width of a table. Used only when there is at least one column in the table without a fixed width, the table-width has precedence over other determinants of a table's width.

The table.width takes the values allowed for the default.table.width param, plus more. The values shared with default.table.width are:

  • A valid length (e.g. 15cm),

  • A percentage of the page width (e.g. 75%),

  • A keyword telling to apply an automatic column width (e.g. autowidth.all).

Automatic Column Width

If you want to apply an automatic width only to some specific tables you can put the Processing Instruction <?dblatex table-with="autowidth.scope" ?> in the related tables. The PI has precedence over the newtbl.autowidth parameter.

The scope can take the following values, like in the newtbl.autowidth parameter:


The automatic width (that is, latex is in charge to size the column width) is applied only to columns not having a specified colspec colwidth. It includes both undefined colspec, and colspec without the colwidth attribute.


the automatic width is applied to any column, whether a colspec is provided or not.

In addition to these keywords, table.width can also take for its value keywords of the form autowidth.column: N ..., where N is the number of the column (counting from 1) which is to have its width automatically sized.

There is no default.


Recognized in the table element.

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