dblatex bgcolor

<?dblatex bgcolor?> — Sets the Background Color of A Table Element


<?dblatex bgcolor="#00FF00"?>
<?dblatex bgcolor="{blue}"?>
<?dblatex bgcolor="[gray]{0.8}"?>


Set the background color of a table element. The color of a child element is inherited from its parent, with the exception of the color of row cells. These have a color which is inherited from the column in which they appear so long as no color is specified for the row. How the color is set, whether by attribute or by processing instruction, does not matter.

The color can be expressed in hexadecimal notation like for HTML (e.g. #C0C0C0) or in a syntax understood by the colortbl latex package.

The default is the value of the table's bgcolor attribute, or white when not otherwise specified.


Recognized in the following elements[1]:

  • col
  • colgroup
  • entry
  • entrytbl
  • row

See Also

[1] HTML table elements have attributes which allow color to be specified.