Customization Precedence

All the customization queries are translated to the corresponding command line options. Thus, using several customization methods can be unconsistent because each of them override the same option with another value.

For instance, you can specify the use of a specification file in which it is said to use a latex style (parameter TexStyle) and explicitely use the --texstyle command line option. So, what is the behaviour?

The options order is the following:

Example 4.6. Customization Precedence

Let's consider the specification file containing the following parameters:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<config xmlns="">
  <xslt><stylesheet fileref="file3.xsl"/></xslt>
  <options>-b pdftex</options>
  <latex><texstyle use="mystyle1"/></latex>

And now the command line:

dblatex -b dvips -p file1.xsl -p file2.xsl -S file.specs -s mystyle2 mydoc.xml

The setting used is the following:

  • “-b dvips” overrides “-b pdftex” set by the spec file.

  • “-p file2.xsl” overrides “-p file1.xsl” since it is defined after, and overrides “file3.xsl” set by the spec file.

  • “-s mystyle2” override “mystyle1” set by the spec file.