Installing on Windows


The following packages to install and the procedure is for a native Windows installation. If you want to use dblatex via Cygwin instead, you should consider it like a unix like install.


The following applications are required:

  • An XSLT. xsltproc is the default XSLT used, but one can also use 4suite.

  • The XML DocBook DTD.

  • MiKTeX > 2.5.

  • Python >= 2.4.


Installing xsltproc

You can download the binaries and getting the installation instructions from:

Installing MiKTeX

Install the minimal distribution, and add the following packages: changebar, colortbl, fancybox, fancyhdr, fancyvrb, listings, overpics, rotating, subfigure, titlesec, bibtopic, enumitem, eepic, lm, lastpage, helvetic, times, symbol, courier, footmisc, ifxetex, pdfpages, wasysym.

Installing dblatex

From the unpacked package directory just type:

python install

If the Python directory is C:\Python25 you can now try dblatex by typing:

python C:\Python25\Scripts\dblatex file.xml